CSC Q&A General

Q: Ok I bought the game on Steam got the starting pack what now ?

A: Board the ship at the GFI Home station, equip some modules, and check what’s out there.

– Undock and fly around

– Check the marker in SOL system called drone training ground: Easy try to kill the drones

– Check the POI marker on the map with asteroids and mine some asteroids using your basic mining beam

– Go to a station check the missions tab and see which one of them you can do (check if you have enough cargo or if you can kill the required enemy)

Q: What is the difference between CORE system and Fringe system

A: CORE system is mainly no PVP ( there are exceptions) and you can reach it by using jump gate, Fringe is a PVP system and you have to FTL there or Qjump

Q: What is Qjump?

A: Its an instant travel between two points using Fuel (TCF) that you can buy for GFC, or using GRP on the in-game marketplace. You also need a Qjump module equipped on your ship.

Q: What is a micro jump module?

A: Its a Qjump module that is used for same system Qjumps as the range is short (1LY), they are useful for getting to stations or resource fields quickly in slower ships.

Q: what are 3 bars in the bottom right corner

A: Blue – Shields

Red – power of Weapons/Mining Lasers

Green – Engines

Q: Why do the bars go to 150%?

A: Because depending on the situation you may want to “overload” them. Setting them at above 100% for example at 150% will consume more power so you better watch the % of power core indicator above the bars.

Q: (ALPHA) what happens when I die 

A: You will appear in a POD. You must travel to a station and reclaim your ship. During the current phase of permaloss (as of 4/27/2020) 50% of raw and refined resources you are carrying will be destroyed, the other 50% will be left in a crate where you exploded.

Q: Where do I trade items with other players ?

A: You can use the in-game market, Discord, or Opensea.io to trade with other Commanders.

Q: How much TCF does it take to Quantum Jump (Qjump)?

A: TCF usage breakdown
Scout: 50 TCF per 1 Light Year
Intrepid: 100 TCF per 1 Light Year
Corsair: 200 TCF per 1 Light Year
Prometheus: 300 TCF per 1 Light Year
Dreadnaught: 400 TCF per 1 Light Year

Cargo: 1 kg = 0.0001 TCF per 1 Light year

Q: How do I make Trilite Concentrated Fuel Canisters?

A: The current Trilite Concentrate Fuel Canister recipe can be found by opening the in-game market tab, clicking resources, and searching for “Trilite Concentrate Fuel”.

Each canister contains 2000 fuel units (a commander can store 2000 fuel on their person). If a jump requires more than 2000 units, canisters in ship inventory will be automatically consumed.

CSC Q&A Missions

Q: There are missions to kill enemies, how do I know which one is the easiest ? 

A: Drones are, the rest is more demanding.

Q: There is a mission to transport some people, how can I do it?

A: You will need a personnel transportation module.

Q: The missions says kill XX and there is an item next to the enemy what is it ? 

A: The enemy will drop the loot and it’s the loot you have to bring to the mentioned location to complete the mission.

Q: The missions says I have to transport large amount of cargo, my ship cannot take it at once can I do multiple runs

A: Yes ( if there is a time limit you have to do it within the time limit)

Q: (ALPHA) If I die during a mission, will I lose what I have in my cargo ?

A: No, just fly to the nearest station and reclaim your ship.

Q: The destination of the mission cannot be reached using gate why ? 

A: Because it is a fringe system and you have to FTL travel there or Qjump using fuel (IMPORTANT: the distance to this system must be within the range of your Qjump module). A list of the systems can be found here: http://www.cscempire.com/systems/

Q: I see a mission that has the same pick up as delivery station, is it a bug ?

A: We call it a Freebie 🙂 Easy money, just take it and collect reward.

CSC Q&A Mining

Q: What do I need for mining?

A: A ship + a mining laser + Optionally a scanner (directional will scan 1 asteroid, pulse will scan many asteroids around you)

Q: I have mined some ore what now?

A: You can either sell it on market (12/25/2019 not yet implemented) or you can refine it if you have a refining station or trade with other players.

Q: What is a refining station ?

A: You can buy a private refining slot on most stations (some don’t have it in Fringe) then you will have to put Rig, Sluice, Screen, Separator, Power, and *Optionally augment* modules to run it and refine your ore.

Q: Where do I look for ore ?

A: Mainly on asteroid belts shown on the map, there are also hidden fields not marked on the system map.

Q: Where do I look for rare ore ? 

A: Well they say the farther from the core the better the ore, but its not always the rule. Exotic ore is only available in Fringe systems.

Q: Any list of ores ?

A: Yes, a full list of ores can be found here – http://www.cscempire.com/ores/

Q: Which mining laser do I need ?

A: There are different kinds, basic will have a small power and small range but usually fast cooldown, better ones will be the opposite. Find your sweet spot.

CSC Q&A Ship Fitting

Q: How many modules I can fit on my ship

A: As many as you have slots for on your ship (dock on the station click the loadout tab and see the blue squares on the top of the screen)

Q: Will they all work ?

A: Well that depends, they can if you have enough power on your ship. If not and you activate too many at once you may run out of power and they will be deactivated. When putting modules on your ship look on the right for the numbers, generally once they start turning red it means you won’t be able to use all modules at once at 100% of their efficiency. (overloading your systems to more than 100% during flight will make your modules consume even more of your power)

Q: Can I change the level on each power bar?

A: Yes you can, it requires some multitasking especially during a fight but you can.

Q: One more time what do these bars represent ?

A: Blue – Shields, Orange – Weapons/Mining Lasers, Green – Engines.