CSC Q&A Missions

Q: There are missions to kill enemies, how do I know which one is the easiest ? 

A: Drones are, the rest is more demanding.

Q: There is a mission to transport some people, how can I do it?

A: You will need a personnel transportation module.

Q: The missions says kill XX and there is an item next to the enemy what is it ? 

A: The enemy will drop the loot and it’s the loot you have to bring to the mentioned location to complete the mission.

Q: The missions says I have to transport large amount of cargo, my ship cannot take it at once can I do multiple runs

A: Yes ( if there is a time limit you have to do it within the time limit)

Q: (ALPHA) If I die during a mission, will I lose what I have in my cargo ?

A: No, just fly to the nearest station and reclaim your ship.

Q: The destination of the mission cannot be reached using gate why ? 

A: Because it is a fringe system and you have to FTL travel there or Qjump using fuel (IMPORTANT: the distance to this system must be within the range of your Qjump module). A list of the systems can be found here:

Q: I see a mission that has the same pick up as delivery station, is it a bug ?

A: We call it a Freebie 🙂 Easy money, just take it and collect reward.