CSC Q&A Mining

Q: What do I need for mining?

A: A ship + a mining laser + Optionally a scanner (directional will scan 1 asteroid, pulse will scan many asteroids around you)

Q: I have mined some ore what now?

A: You can either sell it on market (12/25/2019 not yet implemented) or you can refine it if you have a refining station or trade with other players.

Q: What is a refining station ?

A: You can buy a private refining slot on most stations (some don’t have it in Fringe) then you will have to put Rig, Sluice, Screen, Separator, Power, and *Optionally augment* modules to run it and refine your ore.

Q: Where do I look for ore ?

A: Mainly on asteroid belts shown on the map, there are also hidden fields not marked on the system map.

Q: Where do I look for rare ore ? 

A: Well they say the farther from the core the better the ore, but its not always the rule. Exotic ore is only available in Fringe systems.

Q: Any list of ores ?

A: Yes, a full list of ores can be found here –

Q: Which mining laser do I need ?

A: There are different kinds, basic will have a small power and small range but usually fast cooldown, better ones will be the opposite. Find your sweet spot.