CSC Q&A General

Q: Ok I bought the game on Steam got the starting pack what now ?

A: Board the ship at the GFI Home station, equip some modules, and check what’s out there.

– Undock and fly around

– Check the marker in SOL system called drone training ground: Easy try to kill the drones

– Check the POI marker on the map with asteroids and mine some asteroids using your basic mining beam

– Go to a station check the missions tab and see which one of them you can do (check if you have enough cargo or if you can kill the required enemy)

Q: What is the difference between CORE system and Fringe system

A: CORE system is mainly no PVP ( there are exceptions) and you can reach it by using jump gate, Fringe is a PVP system and you have to FTL there or Qjump

Q: What is Qjump?

A: Its an instant travel between two points using Fuel (TCF) that you can buy for GFC, or using GRP on the in-game marketplace. You also need a Qjump module equipped on your ship.

Q: What is a micro jump module?

A: Its a Qjump module that is used for same system Qjumps as the range is short (1LY), they are useful for getting to stations or resource fields quickly in slower ships.

Q: what are 3 bars in the bottom right corner

A: Blue – Shields

Red – power of Weapons/Mining Lasers

Green – Engines

Q: Why do the bars go to 150%?

A: Because depending on the situation you may want to “overload” them. Setting them at above 100% for example at 150% will consume more power so you better watch the % of power core indicator above the bars.

Q: (ALPHA) what happens when I die 

A: You will appear in a POD. You must travel to a station and reclaim your ship. During the current phase of permaloss (as of 4/27/2020) 50% of raw and refined resources you are carrying will be destroyed, the other 50% will be left in a crate where you exploded.

Q: Where do I trade items with other players ?

A: You can use the in-game market, Discord, or to trade with other Commanders.

Q: How much TCF does it take to Quantum Jump (Qjump)?

A: TCF usage breakdown
Scout: 50 TCF per 1 Light Year
Intrepid: 100 TCF per 1 Light Year
Corsair: 200 TCF per 1 Light Year
Prometheus: 300 TCF per 1 Light Year
Dreadnaught: 400 TCF per 1 Light Year

Cargo: 1 kg = 0.0001 TCF per 1 Light year

Q: How do I make Trilite Concentrated Fuel Canisters?

A: The current Trilite Concentrate Fuel Canister recipe can be found by opening the in-game market tab, clicking resources, and searching for “Trilite Concentrate Fuel”.

Each canister contains 2000 fuel units (a commander can store 2000 fuel on their person). If a jump requires more than 2000 units, canisters in ship inventory will be automatically consumed.