CSC Q&A Ship Fitting

Q: How many modules I can fit on my ship

A: As many as you have slots for on your ship (dock on the station click the loadout tab and see the blue squares on the top of the screen)

Q: Will they all work ?

A: Well that depends, they can if you have enough power on your ship. If not and you activate too many at once you may run out of power and they will be deactivated. When putting modules on your ship look on the right for the numbers, generally once they start turning red it means you won’t be able to use all modules at once at 100% of their efficiency. (overloading your systems to more than 100% during flight will make your modules consume even more of your power)

Q: Can I change the level on each power bar?

A: Yes you can, it requires some multitasking especially during a fight but you can.

Q: One more time what do these bars represent ?

A: Blue – Shields, Orange – Weapons/Mining Lasers, Green – Engines.